Td Pyrin



Product Description

TD Pyrin30 Injection

Composition :

Each ml contain Aminopyrine USP 50mg

Sulpyrine USP 50 mg

Chlorpheniramine maleate USP 1 mg

Description : TD PYRIN injection is an ideal combination of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as aminopyrine,sulpyrine and chlorpheniramine maleate which belongs to antihistaminic agent.It has a strong antipyretic,analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and it shows a great effect against bacterial diseases with fever in conjunction with applicable antibiotics.


Febrile: Epidemic flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases.

Allergic diseases: Eczema

Pain diseases: Neuralgia, arthritis and myalgia.

Dosage and administration :

Large animal (Cattle,buffalo,horse) – 10-20 ml

Medium animal (calf,goat,sheep,pig) – 3-5 ml

Small animal (dog,cat) – 1-3 ml.


Hypersensitivity to some of the product components or to pyrazolone preparations, hematological diseases, kidney diseases with oliguria and edema,pregnancy and breast feeding.

Precautions :

Do not use in conjunction with any other medication , especially CNS suppressants and anticoagulants.

Pack size: 30 ml vial.



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