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Product Description

Adesol Forte Injection

 Composition : Each ml injection contains vitamin A BP 300000 IU. Vitamin D3 BP 100000 IU, Vitamin E acetate BP 50 mg.

Description :

Vitamin A plays an important role in the protection of the epithelial tissues (including retina and skin) and the mucous
membranes and therefore as a protection against general infections (deficiency symptoms are hyperkeratosis of skin,
xerophthalmia, blindness, nervous symptoms, decreased growth rates and lowered fertility). Vitamin D3 takes care of the
regular process of the Calcium-Phosphorous metabolism. It also plays a role in increasing the rate of Ca++- absorption and
transport from the intestine and so promoting calcification of bone (deficiency symptoms are rickets in young animals,
osteomalacia in adults). Vitamin E has an anti-oxidant action. This action links vitamin E with vitamin A metabolism (it is
used for the stabilizing of vitamin A in foodstuffs) and with the unsaturated fatty acids (deficiency symptoms are muscular
disorders, e.g. White Muscle Disease, Stiff Lamb Disease).
After injection, the vitamins are quickly and completely absorbed and besides a rapid therapeutic effect, this preparation has a
long-lasting prophylactic action, due to the high concentration of Vitamin A and D3.

Indications :

Vit AD3E 300 Inj. is indicated for treatment and prevention of deficiencies of the vitamins A, D3 and/or E, in connection with
general bacterial infections, growth disturbances, non-infectious reproductive and sight disturbances, enteritis. (rickets), convalescence and skin problems.

Dosage and administration :

Cattle, Horse and Camel : 5-8 ml for intra-muscularly.

Calves : 2-5 ml for intra-muscularly.

Dog and Cat : 0.5-1 ml for intra-muscularly.

Contra-indications :

Do not administer to animals younger than one week. Do not administer to cats.

Withdrawal period : None.

Side-effects :

Overdosage of vitamin D3 may cause hypercalcaemia in young animals.

Pack size : 10 ml.