Product Description

Oxynil Injection 10 ML

 Composition : Each ml contain Nitroxynil BP 250 mg.

 Description : Broad-spectrum anthelmintic antibiotic.


 Oxynil Injection is used for the eradication of mainly blood fluke also indicated for the –

– liver fluke, Rumen fluke, Round worm, Tape worm etc.

Dose :

Ruminant animal : 25 kg body wt. /1 ml.

If severity than ( fascioliasis-liver fluke) 25 kg body wt./1.3 ml.

Birds : 15 mg /kg body wt. (S/C)

Orally : 5 ml oxynil injection /10 litre drinking water.

1 ml/ 2 litre.

Dog : 0.4 ml /10 kg body wt.

Route : S/C.

Preparation: 10 ml vial.


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