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Each white pill contains:

Levonorgestrel BP                                               0.15 mg

Ethinyloestradiol BP                                            0.03 mg

Currently millions of married women around the world plan their families using the oral contraceptives commonly known as the pill because:

  • Oral pill is well tolerated and effective (99.6%) modern methods of contraceptives.
  • Oral pill is a temporary and reversible method of contraception. This means you can take the pill as long as you do not wish to become pregnant. Once you discontinue the pill you will regain your fertility.
  • Oral pill regularizes menstrual cycle and helps to reduce discomforts experienced during menstruation.
  • Oral pill has certain beneficial effects on health in addition to aid in contraception.


Different types of pill suit different types of woman. At the initial stage some women may experience side effects like dizziness , headache, nausea or inter-menstrual bleeding with a particular brand. If taken regularly, such types of side effects normally go away after 2-3 months. If she continues to have the side effects beyond 2-3 months, she should a doctor and on the advice of doctor can try some other brand for her next menstrualcycle.


Norgestrel® contains a low dose (0.03 mg) of Estrogen. As such side effects like dizziness, headache and nausea may be less frequent among users.

Norgestrel® contains 0.15 mg of Levonorgestrel. As a result, spotting and inter-menstrual bleeding may also be less experienced by users.

Being a low dose pill, Norgestrel® is also ideal for the first time users of the pill.

How to use Norgestrel®:

1.If you have decided to take Norgestrel® for contraception (Prevention of pregnancy), wait till your next menstruation begins.

2.From the first day of your menstruation, start the first white pill from the left corner of the top row indicated by a large arrow mark on back side of your Norgestrel® pill blister.

  1. Continue taking one white pill each day along the arrow mark. It is advisable to take your pill at the same time every day, preferably after or before going bed.
  2. After taking 21 white pills for 21 days, stop taking pills for 7 days.

5.Start taking while pills from another Norgestrel® pack and continue taking the pill as before as long as your do not want to be  pregnant.


  1. If you forget to take a pill one day, take the missed pill as soon as you remember. This may mean taking two pills the very next day. Additionally you should use some other method of contraception while you are taking the pills and until your next menstruation.
  2. If you forget to take the pill for two continuous days, then it is likely that you will no longer be protected against pregnancy. You should therefore discontinue taking the pill and adopt some other temporary methods (condom/foam tablet) till your next menstruation. Discard the unfinished pack of pills and start taking pills from the very first while pill of the top row from a fresh pack from the first day of next menstruation.


Some medication may interfere with the efficacy of the pill. Contact your doctor if you are taking any drugs such as antibiotics, rifampicin or medicines for seizures. You may have to use another method of contraception during this time.


  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are over 45 years of age
  • If you are a heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes a day)
  • If you have got heart disease , clotting of blood in the vein
  • If you suffer from liver disease or jaundice
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure, migraine, feel something hard in your breast, experience excessive bleeding for which no reason has yet been ascertained

Serious adverse effects have been reported in women using the pill. If you are healthy and do not smoke, the chance of suffering a serious side effect is low.

After starting one brand of oral contraceptive pills, if you feel any inconvenience such as migraine, changes in eyesight or speech, unusual pain or swelling in your legs, sharp chest pains or shortness of breath, yellow skin, or a rise in blood pressure take advice from your doctor or contact the nearest family planning clinic.


Store below 30⁰C temperature and in dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


1×21, 1×28 pills in a box (21 or 28  white birth spacing pills).


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