Cesalin 10 mg

Cesalin 10mg


Product Description

Cesalin® (Cisplatin BP), (cis-diamminedichloroplatinum) is a heavy metal-salt complex containing a central atom of platinum surrounded by two chloride atoms and two ammonia molecules in the cis position. It is a white powder with the molecular formula
PtCl2H6N2 and the molecular weight of 300.05 and the structural formula is:
Each vial contains Cisplatin BP 10 mg and 50 mg lyophilized powder for injection.
Mechanism of action
Cisplatin causes 1,2–intrastrand cross-links with purine bases, interfering with cell division by mitosis. The damaged DNA elicits DNA repair mechanisms, which in turn activate apoptosis.
Bioavailability Complete Protein binding >90%
Metabolism Hepatic
Half-life 30-100 hours
Excretion Renal
Cesalin® is indicated as first line therapy for lung cancer, head & nneck cancer and for the treatment of advanced and metastatic ovarian carcinoma, bladder carcinoma and testis carcinoma. Inj.
Cisplatin BP 10 mg & 50 mg
Dosage and administration
Usual dosage and schedule
40 to 120 mg/m2 I.V. on day 1 as infusion every 3 weeks. 15 to 20 mg/m2 I.V. on days 1 to 5 as infusion every 3 to 4 weeks. The usual dose in adults and children when used as single agent therapy is 50-100 mg/m2 .
Possible side effects
Mild to moderate nephrotoxicity, electrolyte disturbance, gastrointestinal tract effects, myelotoxicity, ototoxicity, neurotoxicity may occur.
Cesalin® is contraindicated in patients with pre-existing renal impairment. Cisplatin should not be employed in myelosuppressed patients, or patients with hearing impairment. It is also contraindicated in patients with a history of allergic reactions to cisplatin or other
platinum-containing compounds.
Drug interactions
Potentially nephrotoxic or ototoxic drugs, e.g. aminoglycoside antibiotics and loop diuretics, may potentiate the nephrotoxic and ototoxic effects of Cisplatin.
Special precautions
Cesalin® should not be administered if serum creatinine level is more than 1.5 mg/dL. Irreversible renal tubular damage may occur if vigorous diuresis is not maintained, particularly with higher dose (higher than 40 mg/m2), and with additional concurrent nephrotoxic drugs such as the aminoglycosides. At higher doses, diuresis with mannitol with or without furosemide vigorous hydration may occur.
Cesalin® lyophilized powder for injection 10 mg and 50 mg should be reconstituted with 10 mL and 50 mL of water for inj. respectively.
Cesalin® solution after reconstitution should be added to 2 liters of 5% glucose/ 0.9% saline and intravenously administered in 6-8 hours; after administration an adequate hydration and diuresis should be maintained during 24 hours.
The cisplatin remaining in vial following initial entry is stable for 28 days protected from light or for 7 days under fluorescent room light.
Product should be stored at controlled room temperature 25oC and protected from light.
Cesalin® 10 mg injection: Each vial contains Cisplatin BP 10 mg lyophilized power for injection.


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