Biomix B+C

Biomix B+C


Product Description

                                           Biomix-BC 500 gm

Composition : Vitamin-B complex and vitamin-C

Indication :

 Biomix-B+C Powder is indicated for the treatment and / or prevention of vitamin & mineral deficiencies associated with poor feeding, improper feed, and lower feed intake and decreased absorption. It is also indicated in birds s with increased requirements for vitamins & minerals due to acute and chronic diseases, infections, during treatment with antibiotics  etc.; and any kind of stress, e.g. – Weakness after birth, adverse change of temperature, replacement, change of feed formulation, transportation & Vaccination.

Dosage and administration :

For Poultry :

10-20 gm Biomix B+C powder mixed with properly 10 litre distilled water or 100 gm Biomix B+C powder mixed with properly 50 kg feed and should be given orally.

Presentation :  100 gm container.


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