Amprolin 100 gm powder

Amprolin 100 gm powder


Product Description

                                        Amproline plus powder

Composition :

Each 100 gm powder contain – Amprolium USP 17.00gm, Sulfaquinoxaline sodium USP17.00 gm, and vitamin K 0.1 gm.


Amprolin plus is highly effective against a wide range of  Eimeria causing Caecel and intestinal Coccidiosis. Also effectively controls pathogens causing Fowl Cholera, Coliseptecaemia, Salmonelosis, while Vitamin K3 controls hemorrhagic manifestation.

Dosage and administration :

For Poultry:

 Preventive Dose :

30 gm powder mixed with properly /100 litre distilled water or 60-75 gm powder mixed  with properly /100 kg  feed for 7-14 days.

Treatment dose:

In general-60 gm powder mixed with properly /100 litre distilled water and in severe case -120 gm powder mixed with properly /100 ml distilled water for 5-7 days.

Presentation : 100 gm sachet.


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