Product Description

Amoxivet Injection

Composition : Each vial contain amoxicillin sodium BP 1 gm.

Description :

Broad-spectrum antibiotic product. It inhibits Cell wall synthesis of organisms.


Amoxy Vet® Injection is active against penicillin sensitive gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is effective against various diseases like –

  • Metritis
    • Calf scour
    • Bronchopneumonia
    • Campylobacillosis
    • Urinary tract infection
  • Black quarter
    • Haemorrhagic septicaemia
    • Joint infection etc.

Dosage and administration :

1 gm /100 kg body wt.(1 vial daily for 3-5 day

If severity than 2nd dose may be given after 12 hours   interval.

Warning : Pregnancy safe.

 Route : IM / IV /SC.

 Preparation: 1 gm vial with 10 ml Water for Injection.


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