Amoxivet 30 500 gm powder

Amoxivet 30 500 gm powder


Product Description

                                          Amoxivet 30 powder 500 gm

 Composition :  Each gm powder contain – Amoxicillin trihydrate BP 300 mg.

Description :

Amoxicillin inhibits the activity of the transpeptidase and other peptidoglycan-active enzymes which catalyse the cross-linkage of the glycopeptide polymer units. This leads to rupture of the cytoplasmic membrane through the weakened section and formation of a spheroplast. The drug exerts its bactericidal action only in growing cells, that is, cells with an undergoing cell wall synthesis.

Indication :

Enteritis due to E. coli & Clostridial infections & infection caused by Staphylococci, Corynebacterium, Clostridium, Salmonella, Pasteurella & secondary infections following viral & mycoplasmal infections.

Dosage and administration:

1 gm powder properly mixed with 3-4 litre distilled water and should be given orally for 3-5 days

Presentation : 100 gm sachet.



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