About Us

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Our mission is to be the market leader in the Pharmaceutical formulation by developing and manufacturing quality products and widening marketing as well as sales volume.


We want to increase new products and strengthening the marketing in the country and export to abroad and earn world reputation.

Product List

List of Human, Veterinary and Oncology Products are enclosed

Dosage Forms

a) Tablets
b) Capsules
c) Suspension
d) Injectables


Human Resources

The present number of human resource: 1200 Nos.
This includes-Pharmacist, Chemist, Engineers, Administration and Management, Marketing Field Force, Distribution Channel, Workers and other supporting staff.

Lawyer of the company

Mr. Shah Zikrul Ahmed
Ex-Member of Parliament
Ex-President of Bangladesh Income Tax Bar Council

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Techno Drugs Ltd., a WHO affiliated and ISO 9001:2008 certified company was established in the year 1996 as a fast growing veterinary (Animal Health Division) pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. The company started manufacturing of some essential veterinary medicines on experimental basis and getting a very encouraging response from the market, the products range was increased gradually and that was up to 50 plus. The company earned well reputation in the country and became the pioneer in veterinary medicines. Besides, the company grown up globally through realization of exporting veterinary pharmaceuticals around the world. So the company became a leading veterinary pharmaceutical products manufactures in Bangladesh and abroad to satisfy national demand as well as to save foreign currency to make a healthy and prosperous Bangladesh.

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Within a very short time the Animal Health Medicines got a remarkable appreciation in the country. Sale of products increased speedily and captured the market with reputation. The quality of products satisfied the customers demand and ultimately the livestock sector in the country.

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Getting a remarkable success in veterinary products, the company decided to start manufacturing of Human Medicines from the year 2004. Setting the required machineries the company started manufacturing human medicines and got a satisfactory result in producing a number of Health Care Medicines like Antibiotics, NSAIDS, Antiulcerants, Gastro Intestinal Drugs, Antidiabetic Drugs, Cardiovascular Drugs, Respiratory Drugs, etc. for which a very well response was received from the doctors and markets. Ultimately the company went for manufacturing further products for Health Care Division such as Contrast Media, Hormonal & Steroidal Products, Anesthetics, CNS Drugs, Contraceptives and some other allied products. All the items were made in a very high quality and well accepted in the market. The company has started manufacturing Anti Cancer Drugs from the year 2010 and by this time which is accepted with satisfaction to the Doctors as well as Hospitals and Markets. It may be stated that this company is pioneer in manufacturing Oncology and contraceptive hormone (oral and injectable) Products with a remarkable goodwill. The company is exporting some medicines and in the field of Anti Cancer Drugs a huge amount of money is saved by way of not importing those products which is directly beneficial to our countries economy.

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So it may be stated that Techno Drugs Ltd. has earned a very honorable position in producing Human and Veterinary Products and serving the nation by supplying quality medicines locally and also by exporting our medicines to abroad. It is to be mentioned that Techno Drugs Ltd is the largest manufacturer of Contraceptive Injection in Bangladesh which is dedicatedly supplied to HELM AG Germany. The company has taken up a master plan to establish few modern factories with state of art technology to manufacture more sophisticated medicines and to acquire international certification like FDA.

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The Managing Director of Techno Drugs Ltd. is a renowned Pharmacist of the country. Prior to establish the industry he served in a famous pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh where he contributed his meritorious efforts and successfully manufactured some important medicinal products which got a very well reputation in the country. This has inspired him to manufacture pharmaceutical products on his own. This idea was raised in his mind as because he felt that if he himself can setup an industry in that case he can apply his own expertise in manufacturing the products as per his own thought which will be helpful to build up his own creativity and also the poor people of the country will be helpful by getting the quality medicines in a cheaper coast. Also if this attempt is successful he will be able to establish his own pharmaceutical industry. Accordingly he has started his own factory in the year 1995.


Promoters Biodata and their Background

Mr. Shah Jalal Uddin Ahmed is the key promoter of this company and from the beginning he was a meritorious student. He has done B. Pharm (Hon’s) in 1976 and M. Pharm in 1977 from the University of Dhaka. Also he has taken Pharmacist Registration from the Pharmacy Registration Council of Bangladesh. He is also a Executive Member of Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries, a Senior Member of Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society, a member of Narsingdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Besides, Mr. Shah Jalal Uddin Ahmed has attended an Industrial Training from AOTS, Japan. Other than this he has extensive visits in United Kingdom, China, India and some other countries for practical visit of pharmaceutical industries.

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