Sulfratrim Bolus

Sulfratrim Bolus


Product Description

Sulphatrim Bolus

Composition : Each bolus contain Sulphadiazine BP 1 gm

Trimethoprim BP 200mg.


Is indicated for the bacterial pneumonia, foot-rot, bacterial enteritis, calf scour, colibacillosis, metritis, mastitis, joint ill, strangles, actinobacillosis, toxoplasmosis, pasteurellosis and secondary bacterial infection due to influenza, contagious coryza, foot & mouth disease (FMD).

Dose :

1st day :  1 bolus / 40 kg body wt. for 3-5 days.

2nd & 3rd day : ½ of the first dose for 3-5 days.

Warning :

During time of sulphonamide drug administration than water should  need take more and more.

Route: Oral administration.
Pack size : 5X4 bolus in a box



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