Rumen plus



Product Description

Rumen Plus powder

 Composition :

Each 100 gm powder contain  Cobalt sulphate 1500 mg, Dried ferous sulphate  15000 mg, Vitamin B1 -500 mg, vitamin B12 – 10 mg, Nuxvomica -2000 mg, zinger -14000 mg, sodium bi-carboate – 66990 mg.


Is indicated for the cattle,Buffalo,sheep,goat like –Indigestion, Tympany / bloat, Anorexia, weakness, Beef fattening,After use of anthelmintic.


Cattle, Buffalo: 1-2 packet for 100-300 kg body weight twice daily for 2-3 days bolus daily for 3-5 days.

Sheep, goat: 1 packet /animal twice daily for 2-3 days.

Pack size: 10*20 gm in a box .



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