Enrox 10 100 ml

Enrox 10 100 ml


Product Description

                                                 Enrox 10 solution

Composition : Each ml contains- Enrofloxacin INN 100 mg.

Description :

Enrofloxacin inhibits the activity of DNA-gyrase enzyme, leasing to reduction in super coiling and serious disruption of the spatial arrangement of DNA. As a result bacterial life cycle is disrupted. The action of Enrofloxacin (quinolone) is bacteriocidal and the viability of susceptible organisms is usually lost within 20-30 min of exposure to optimal antibacterial concentration.


Enrox-10 Solution is used for the treatment of infections of respiratory tract, G.I tract, urinary & reproductive organs of poultry caused by gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria, Mycoplasma etc. Actinobacillosis, Salmonellosis, Staphylococcal & Streptococcal infection, secondary infection due to mixed bacterial & viral infection etc.

Dosage and administration :

 For Poultry:

 Preventive Dose :

1 ml solution mixed with 4-8 litre distilled water and once daily should be given orally for 3-5 days.

Treatment dose:

1ml solution mixed with 1-2 litre distilled water and should be given orally once daily for 3-5 days.

Presentation : 100 ml bottle.


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