Electro Plus 500 gm Powder

Electro Plus 500 gm Powder


Product Description

Electro-plus 500 gm powder

 Composition :  Each 250 gm powder contains – sodium bicarbonate 125 gm,dextrose 43.76 gm, potassium chloride 12.50 gm, sodium chloride 66.50 gm,vitamin A 500000 IU

and vitamin D3 125000 IU.


 Any kind of dehydration, during & after use of anthelmintic, antibiotic, vaccine & coccidiosis treatment, it’s use gives better result.

Dosage and administration :

 For Poultry :

1-1.5 gm Electro-Plus powder mixed with properly 1 litre distilled water and should be given orally.

Preparation :  1 kg container.



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