Dimidin 30 ml injection

Dimidin 30 ml injection


Product Description

Dimidin injection 30 ml

Composition :

Each ml contain Sulphadimidin sodium BP 333 mg.


Is indicated for the bacterial pneumonia, footrot, bacterial enteritis, calf scour, colibacillosis, metritis, mastitis, joint ill, strangles, actinobacillosis, toxoplasmosis, pasteurellosis and secondary bacterial infection due to influenza, contagious coryza, foot & mouth disease (FMD), distemper.

Dosage and administration: 1st day – 15-30 ml /50 kg body wt.

2nd &3rd day – half of the first dose.

Duration : 3-5 days.

Route: IM/IV/SC

Warning :

Sulphonamide drug should not be use over 7 days. Drinks more water at the time of sulphonamide adminidtration.

Pack size : 30 ml and 100 ml vial.


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